The Piim-Lab supports courses on computer vision, discourse analysis, information retrieval and machine learning at the graduate level. In the following, we provide some information about those courses. In addition, we supervise graduate students in fundamental and applied research projects (some of which are performed in collaboration with community partners).

Special Topics in Computer Vision

imagem_disciplinaCourse Description: This course is an introduction to basic concepts in computer vision, a research field that aims to develop methods that enable a machine to “understand” or analyze images and videos. In this course, we will explore some fundamental topics in the area, which contribute to face challenging problems that could be stated by questions suh as: could we interact with a computer in richer ways than a keyboard and mouse, perhaps with natural gestures or simply facial expressions? How can a robot identify objects in complex environments, or navigate uncharted territory? How can a video camera in the operating room help a surgeon plan a procedure more safely, or assist a radiologist in more efficiently detecting a tumor? Given some video sequence of a scene, can we synthesize new virtual views from arbitrary viewpoints that make a viewer feel as if they are in the movie? Given billions of images hosted publicly on the web, how can you find one that “looks like” some image you are interested in?

Academic Program: M.Sc. and D.Sc. in Mathematical and Computational Modeling